About Us

After searching for the perfect fragrances, designs and formulas, I decided to launch my own candle brand. Anyone that knows me knows my obsession with candles and my passion for quotes. I randomly thought about this idea until it became a dream to actually create them. From the wick to the wax, to the perfumes, to the glass, I made this from A to Z. I wanted to share an experience with motivating/funny designs.

Dusk Til' Dawn™ was designed in Lausanne, a small city in Switzerland, where I was born. Candles have been crafted in Paris where I live now. Producing local, with 100% natural vegetable wax and with strong fragrances was my priority. I made sure that every step was as sustainable as it could be. The wick is made out of pure cotton and the combustion is non-harmful and homogenous. I am proud to call this brand cruelty-free and a not tested on animals brand.

D.T.D has been created to make the perfect gift to yourself, your friends and your family.
I put so much love and effort into them, I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do!

Mathilde Cormi, xx

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